Fleurarôme Ltée offers a collection of more than 3000 fragrances that evolve according to trends. Many scents are available including fruit, vegetable, herbal and floral fragrances as well as fine fragrances.​ Fragrances are used in various products such as:​
  • Care Products:​
All-purpose cleaners, fabric softeners, carpet deodorizers, etc.​
  • Cosmetics and body products:
Soap, creams, shampoo, conditioners, hair spray, styling mousses, bath salts, etc.
  • Industrial products:​
Odour covers for chlorine-bleach, hydrocarbons, thioglycolate, solvents, fatty acids, strong acids and more…
  • Home fragrance: ​
Scented candles, perfumes, lotions, etc.

Perfume List​

Fruits & Exotic FruitsFlowerFreshness
Flowering Apple​Honey​Aqua Oxy​
Delicious Apple​Nectarol​Azur Fleuri​
Green Apple​Basswood​Downy +++​
Royal Apple​Lily of the valley​Morning Breeze​
Pomme Reinette (Pippin)​Witch Hazel​Coco-Aqua​
Apple Blossom​ Natural Rose​Bleach​
Mandarin​Lavender ​Woodland​
Orange​Verbena​Marine Ozone ​
Citronella​Cassis​Ocean SpringsFever  ​
Citrus +++​Violet​Ocean ++​
Lime +++​Tiberose​Fresh Forest​
Melon​Greenery​ Car Freshness​
Cantaloupe​Sunggle +++​Purex​
Cherry​Apple Blossom​Rain Barrell​
Kiwi +++​Orchid​Cedar Wood +++​
Double Bobbles Fruit​Gardenia​Cool water​
Bananas +=​Hyacinth​Seaweed ++​
Banana Pineapple​Tide​BAN-O​
Banana Pear​Camelia​AXE​
Banana Muscat​Peony​Bergamote ++​
Peach +++​Rose +++​Spray​
Peach Sour​Ylang​Green Water​
Peach Juicy​Bergamot​Neutreoleum​
Peach Mango​Œillet​Sea Brise ++​
BlackBerry​Lilac +++​Sea Air​
Chewing Gum​Sage​Fraicheur-Javillisant​
Mango ++​Patchouli​Nordic Pin​
Pineapple Melon​Wardia​White Linen​
Pineapple Banana​Vanilla +++​Zeste-Fresh​
Guava​Prunus​Island Breese​
Agrume​Yellow Camphor​Fresh Water​
Fruit mûr​ Sunflower​La mare verte​
Ambre-Boise​ Calm​
Blueberry ++​Camay​
Strawberry +++​
Raspberry ++​
Winter Melon​
Almond Cherry​
Cherry Vibe​
Cherry improved​
Cherry Fruit​
Cherry Holding​
Canneberry +++​
Abricot +++​
Exotic Fruit Passion​
White Grape​
HerbsSpice​Vegetable​Personalised, Popular and fine Fragrances​
Seaweed​Anise​Honey Almond​A group of fine, popular and personalised fragrances..​
Herbal Tranquilizer​Chocolat +++​Almond Cherry​
Herbal​Musc +++​Almond Paquin​
Cedar Wood​Talc​Almond+++​
Pin +++​Épice Oriental​Cottonnelle​
Christmas Tree​Vanille​Oats​
Pin Tirol​Romarin-Épice​Cacao​
Needles Pin ​Cannelle Gourmande​Aloe Vera Cucumber​
Baume ++​Cannelle de Chine​Cassis Tomatoes ​
Green Tea​Beurre de Cacao​Pois de senteur​
Rosemery +++​Caramel​Ginger​
Green Mint​Cannelle +++​Bay Garden​
Basil​Ecrose Cinnmon​Eucalyptus​
Basilicum​Epice Cinnamon​Olive​
Baslic-Citrus​Gourmande Cinnamon​Parsnip​
Spruce​Cigar​Petit Grey​
Rosemery –Mint​Leather​Beer​
Aloès Fleurs​Cashmere​And even more. ​
Aloes Avocat​Cardamom​
Aloes Floraison​Choclat​
Grren Forest ​Mirabelle-Prune​
Camomille +++​Thyme​
Bois de Teck​Butter​
Bois Fleuri​Caffee​
Tree Flower​Fresh Coffee​
And even more.​Sweet Coffee​
And even more. ​