Get inspired by nature!

Nature has created the most beautiful fragrances in the world! Why not use them as inspiration for your products?

At your service since 1976!
Fleurarôme Ltée specializes in the creation and production of perfumes.​
Fragrances are used in various products such as body creams, detergents, eaux de toilette and in many other applications.​

Fleurarôme Limitée was founded in 1976 by Jean-Roch Piché.​ The 20,000-square-foot business is located in the industrial park of Saint-Eustache, Québec, Canada.​ 

Did you know that fragrances influence our mood and desires?

Perfumes are non-alcoholic concentrates, i.e., mixtures of essential oils and chemicals aromatic products. The ingredients are assembled according to a given recipe. The fragrances are created by perfumers in collaboration with chemists in order to follow the new trend and the tastes of customers.

What is a Green Fragrance?

A green fragrance or a green raw material is defined as a fragrance that is safe for the environment.​