To help us serve you better, please provide us with the following information when ordering:

  1. Quantity, in kg and the packaging format if you have a preference (12.5 kg pails, 25 kg or barrel of 200 kg)
  2. Delivery date required. Usually, we can deliver your order into five open days between the time you order and the day you will have your fragrance delivered onsite.
  3. The exact name of the fragrance, as it appears on the quotation or on the last invoice.
  4. The Fleurarôme fragrance’s code, which has 4 digits. Please note that sometimes there is a slash with some other letters or numbers (ex: 1010-R2).
  5. Delivery or pickup (delivery charges may apply)

We offer a multitude of fragrances, specifically tailored to the needs of our customers. Therefore, it is important to clarify the fragrance you want to order!

For example, one of our customers can buy three different lemon fragrances. If he orders Lemon fragrance, we will not be sure which one it is … hence the importance of fragrance code !!

Also, please note that the maximum quantity per pail or barrel may vary slightly depending on the specific gravity of the chosen fragrance. For example, sometimes it is possible to pack only 170 kg of a citrus fragrance in a barrel, and not 200 kg.

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